Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Today is postworthy for two reasons:

I had a very successful lunch with a good friend and her Mother, and MY Mother, which was awesome, and the first time such a thing has occurred...my friend's Mother is German and we had some great conversations about language, culture, travel, food, fashion, and many other things (the title of this post was inspired by her!) ...I love spending time with people from far away places. And she was such a smiley twinkly lady as well.

And secondly, I have decided on a new blog template, as the more observant of you have probably noticed. I like green, it's fast becoming a new favourite colour. Plus if it encourages spring to arrive properly, instead of half getting here and then running away again, leaving us in the evil clutches of the neverending winter we seem to be having, then so be it.

That is all. Have a lovely day/evening (depending on which part of the world you're in...) and think happy thoughts!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Down With Stereotypes!

Firstly let me apologise for two ranting posts in a row...the next one will be more cheerful I promise!

Now normally I enjoy these little quiz things we are often sent over email or find on the Myspace bulletin board, because they pass the time and can often be fairly amusing. But today, for some reason, it really grated on me, and I feel compelled to comment further.

According to the below quiz, I am a nerd. This apparently is because I used to wear braces (didn’t most kids/teens?) like to learn (hello, I’m a student!) enjoy spending time with my parents (well now this does puzzle me. Unless your parents are actually horrbile mean abusive people, I assumed that beyond the age of about 12 when it’s accepted that being seen with your parents is embarrassing, most people mature beyond this, and have the presence of mind to give a little of the time they’ve invested into us right back to them?) and sometimes watch the history channel (most of it is not easy watching to be honest, but who can resist Sean Bean charging across the open plains to save his country and his woman?! Sharpe gives the History Channel all its credibility back!!)

Also according to the below quiz, the fact that I like the above things means that I also should have problems talking to the opposite sex (I have an equal amount of guy and girl friends) enjoy maths (hahahahaha) not have pics of myself on Myspace (?) and never go anywhere on weekends (I spent a year of my life travelling around the world by myself, making friends with random people in hostels and visiting international friends in various places. I don’t think that I’m too scared to leave my house on weekends!)

I was also not far from being labelled as a 'slut/man-whore', simply because I sometimes enjoy a drink (one or two, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to sniff alcohol and down fifty pints!) I have sat on a guy’s knee (erm yes, I don’t think that sitting on someones knee should mean that I am a slut, especially when it’s my boyfriend of 3yrs!!) ...go to parties fairly often (I’m a student) and like members of the opposite sex (doesn’t that just make me not a lesbian...?!)

I won’t go on. I think you catch my drift. You can’t categorise people. What really upsets me is when I see people who own one or two of these characteristics being pressurised into adopting the rest, simply to fit in to a particular group or culture. Or worse, who feel that they have no distinctive characteristics, and so decide to adopt a whole load of personality traits that are totally alien to them, simply to fit in and feel accepted by a particular group of people.

Of course, we see this most commonly with younger-age teens, and it is just seen as normal, but over the last few years I have met people in their late teens and into their twenties still acting like the children that they were (I imagine) when they began their quest to be different, or to be the same, or to be noticed. For example, criticising the shoes other people are wearing simply because they aren't the one brand that their particular group finds acceptable, or refusing to listen to any music but their own particular genre. Which makes me wonder if expecting these stereotypes in the younger generation is just asking for trouble, if when they grow older they might by that time be so welded into a particular genre that they find it impossible to get out of?

We need to start encouraging our young people to widen their horizons. To listen to many different genres of music, to buy clothes based on what they feel comfortable and attractive in, not what they feel they are expected to wear, or have pushed themselves into feeling comfortable with. Even to try different kinds of food, to watch a variety of films and tv and not just the stuff everyone watches. To be kind and accepting of all cultures and people-groups, not to grow up with this gang mentality that can become so difficult to break free from in the future. I'm not saying that nobody will ever fall into a particular 'category'. But we should not expect it or push people into it. You should be who you are first, and what you are second. And if you aren't anything in particular, you shouldn't be made to feel like an outcast for it!

If people can’t accept you for who you are, then they aren’t worth spending time with. When they get out into the big wide world, they’ll realise that you simply can’t box people up like this.

I think that the people who create these tests should grow up, travel about a bit, meet some real people, and realise that not everyone falls into a category. I am uncategorisable and proud of it. We should all be this way, whether that means falling into particular category or not.



[ ] You like skinny jeans
[ ] You’re listening to music right now
[ ] You have painted your fingernails black before
[X] You have more than 300 songs on your ipod/mp3/itunes
[ ] Hate most girly girls
[X] Sometimes like to be alone
[ ] Dislike popular music
[ ] Keep hair in front of your face
[ ] Have given people evil stares
[ ] Hate your parents
[ ] Life sucks for you
[ ] Have been called emo
[ ] Dislike the colors pink, teal and baby blue
[ ] Complain a lot
[ ] Own a studded belt

Total: 2

[ ] Own more than 10 minishorts
[ ] Have been called a slut
[X] Like to drink
[ ] Ever wear low cut shirts
[ ] Have been called a tease
[ ] Flirt with every girl or guy!
[X] Like the opposite sex
[X] Go to parties/sleepovers at least once in a month
[ ] Own 5 tube tops
[X] Sat on the opposites lap

Total: 4

[ ] Own at least 5 jerseys
[ ] Have 5 or more trophies
[ ] Wear hair in ponytail like everyday
[ ] Love sports
[ ] Own 5 or more sweatpants (trackies)
[ ] Don’t wear makeup
[ ] Have / had played lacrosse
[ ] You Can Play more than 2 sports
[ ] Can play a sport if you’ve never played it before
[ ] You play Basketball on a team
[ ] You play rugby or football on a team
[ ] You play Football on a team
[ ] You run/ran track
[ ] Been called a jock
[ ] Have set a record
[ ] Are friends with your coach
[ ] Love watching sports
[X] Can do 15 pushups without getting tired

Total: 1

[ ] Wear your pants at your waist
[X] Have/had braces
[X] In advanced classes
[ ] On Math team
[ ] Have all A’s
[X] Like spending time with your parents
[X] Have been called a nerd/geek
[X] LOVE to learn
[X] Watch history channel
[ ] Never go anywhere on the weekends
[X] Have been called weird
[ ] Scared to talk to the opposite sex
[ ] Dont have pics of yourself on Myspace
[ ] Read a book a month
[ ] You read on your last spring break
[ ] Wear pocket protectors

Total: 7

Thursday, April 03, 2008


After a bottle of wine and much sleepy contemplation, I come once again to the same point I alway come to after such evenings. What is the point of it all?

Perhaps Job was always drunk. His whole Biblical book seems to say, what is the point of all of this? Life? Why do we live it? But he goes as far as to say that everything is meaningless. I don't agree with that...I think everything we do means something, whether we want it to or not. We can act selfishly, as if our actions won't affect anything; but however drunk, upset or rageful we feel we can still act out of care for those around us. Me hiding in my room after a bottle of wine may not be the bravest of things to do, but at least I avoid making my housemates uncomfortable with how I am, or making the God who created me and loves me, whose ambassador I want to be, look bad.

Of course, one could argue that if I really cared about making God look bad I wouldn't have drunk so much in the first place. This may well be true. But contrary to popular opinion I'm not in-human, i'm just a girl trying to make her way in this world, despite all its hassles and heartbreaks and worries.

I want to change the world around me. I want to move back to Seoul, and get into North Korea, care for the people, the children there, whose sense of reality is so distorted, and show them that the rest of the world does not hate them, but wants them to be free.

Of course, prejudice and racism is rife in this world, in the sense that Kim Jung Il is sort of correct (dare I voice such an opinion) ...for example, only the last few days this British government has been discussing whether or not to allow 'immigrants' into this country or not any more. I hate that word, rather I hate the connotations it has attached to it. And I hate how people can make it sound intellectual, like this debate is something genuine that we need to be investing time and thought into, because these evil 'immigrants' are stealing our work from us. Yet in the next breath they complain about all the millions of British people who are scrounging benefits off the government because they can't be bothered to go out and get a job. It's just wrong and twisted, all of it.

They say 'immigrants' are messing up our economy, but in reality if everyone who wasn't British were sent back to their country of origin, this country's economic state would totally collapse in on itself. And if anyone was brave or unprejudiced enough to look at it with a clear head they would see that this is the case.

It's so hypcritical. We export people constantly; how many Britons move to the south of France, or Spain, or Australia, even the USA? What right do we as a country have to say that those people will earn their keep in those countries, and yet cast such suspicion and hatred towards people of other ethnic origins who move here looking for such a cultural change, a new start?

If, when I had moved to South Korea some years ago and jobhunted, I had met with such suspicion and derision, and been told that I had to either do menial jobs or move out, I would have felt indignant, confused, rejected and very, very small as a person. But I wasn't. I was accepted, taken in by many people, and loved and appreciated for my cultural differnces time and time again. Although many South Koreans (particularly the elderly members of society) often found me as a white British girl strange, and my appearance, my culture, my habits bizarre, I was always respected, and even if was laughed at, it was always in good humour.

Why can't this country be the same?

I hate racism and I always will. Just because a governmenal law is passed does this mean it is right? No. I am the most law abiding person you will ever meet. But if the govermnent's laws ever cross the line to defy moral and social justice, the laws of humanity, then I can not cross that line with them. A human, a person I am first; an British citizen I am second.

So what if different cultures do stuff differently to us? We are all different - that's the point!!!

Obviously if another people group was practicing some horrible immoral law, causing other people to be hurt and killed, or rejected and treated unfairly compared to other people (which some countries do practice, I am aware of this!) then I would be against that too. But me being against this kind of behaviour is not racism, it's just right and wrong. All too often it is not about race, it is about individuals and their own personal choices.

Of course one could always ask, what is right? What is wrong? I think anything that causes harm to a person, or to the person that is performing that action, is wrong. There are always personal moral points that we can debate, this I do not question. But if a person comes to this country looking for a fresh start, for excitement and for a new culture to learn from and submerge themsleves in, then I say, go for it!! That isn't hurting anyone. It isn't robbing English people of their jobs!! How many people in this country are too lazy or stuck up to do half the jobs that are taken by 'immigrants' in this country anyway? Thousands, if not more!!

Different cultures and mindsets bring variety and beauty to this country. As a nation we were built on variety. I hate that we are beginning to turn in an almost Nazi-ish direction. This whole 'British people only' mindset is headed on one direction - that of fear, prejudice, and separation from the rest of this world.

Sure...people can be evil. They can be perverse. They can be dangerous.

But they can also be beautiful. They can be comforting. They can be loving. They can be encouraging. They can be wise. They can be insightful. This is the nature of people, of diversity, or beauty in all its forms. If we do not open up to this, there is no hope for us as a nation.

It doesn't matter where you come from. It doesn't matter where you grew up or where you have lived. It does not even matter (to a degree, when talking of acceptance and respect) what your beliefs are or what your government dictates.

What matters is Who You Are. This is the only think that matters. God created us, under Him, and if we put Him first and we put the poeple around us first, and if we put love first, and consideration, then what else matters? We can learn from one another's differences!! We are all beautiful in our own way!! Adults, children, healthy, handicapped, whatever. We all deserve love and respect.

And that is all I have to say on the matter. So be it. Amen.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So why, she wonders, with frayed hair clutched in slightly sweaty palms, would the University - any University of decent standing, high moral ground, and over fifty years of practice in these matters - promise results to its students on Wednesday 12th March 2008, and then ON Wednedsay 12th March 2008 continue to tell them (via its rather smug website) that it cannot give them their results UNTIL Wednesday 12th March 2008? Is there any logical explanation for this atrocity? War, famine? Pestilence perhaps? Wasting diseases across the city? Plagues of locusts throughout the University offices perhaps? No, I thought not.

So answer me this if you're so clever.





*collapses in frustration*

It's too much. I resign. As of tomorrow my future will change course dramatically. I shall no longer sweat and toil over a degree, living in tormet and forever waiting in vain for results to be released, no - I now have bigger fish to fry! I shall barter a small plot of land from a local farmer, and pay him for it in raspberry sponge cakes (I do make rather yummy sponges) On this plot of land I shall plant all manner of delicious vegetables at one end, and set up three beehives at the other, and surround the entire plot with fences covered in ever-creeping honeysuckle. The grass will of course be covered in clover. My bees will be hard working but gentle, respecting the hand that feeds them, and producing the nicest sweetest honey in all the land. Thus I shall be known as Becki: the Bee Keeper. There will be no need for results in this glorious age. All will be well again.


Friday, January 18, 2008


When I moved into this lovely little houselet I was warned by a friend that living in the attic meant it would be the hottest part of the house in summer, and the coldest part in winter. Well they were correct about it being hottest in summer...but it appears that this particular room is also the hottest in winter! I am so hot here that i'm sitting in a teensy nightie with the window open and i'm STILL baking. And for those that know me, i'm like the coldest person in this country. Even my Ghanain friend is usually warmer than me. So this now begs the question:

What is going on with my room?!!

Well the radiator isn't on full, and half of it is blocked by the chest of drawers. So it can't be that. Also, if the heating in general was on too high the whole house would be booming. As i've already pointed out, i'm generally quite a 'cold body' as my Mum would say. So this leaves, I believe, only one more possible explanation.

I think there is a dragon living in my bedroom.

Let me repeat - a dragon, ladies and gentlemen!

Let us just unpack this possibility for a moment. I live in a rather small bedroom with lots of nookes and crannies into which a tiny-to-small sized fire-breathing reptile could quite happily hide away in.

Underneath the chest of drawers, for example, is quite a cozy little space which - although tricky perhaps to maneover underneath - would be quite comfortable once she (let us call her Felicity the Firebreathing Dragonette) became nestled into the carpet. Another possibility would without a doubt be my wardrobe, which is huge inside, with boxes and spaces at various stages of empty, that a small-to-medium sized fire-breathing reptile would probably find quite idyllic - lots of soft and squishy jumpers, tissue paper and so on, to burrow down in.

My bed has two underdrawers which are so heavy it is almost impossible to move the bed. I know i have not put that much stuff into them and this fact caused me much confusion on moving in. However, a few weeks afterwards I discovered two MORE drawers on the other side which were empty. I accredited the heaviness merely to the existence of two extra drawers alone; however, now in hot persuit of the dragon theory it seems to me very possible that a medium-to-large sized dragon could quite easily have wriggled its way into one of the drawers while my back was turned...which would explain why I always become overly warm whilst trying to sleep!

But finally the theory which I hold most dear to my heart. I have a suspicion that the wooden panelling in the corner of my room is not directly against the wall itself. By which I mean that I believe the room to be a regular squareish shape, which definitely was created with some kind of a slant at one point of the ceiling, but that the first person to turn the attic into a living space may possibly have done some very lovely looking DIY, to give the room a more log-cabiny feel by bringing in the wall at the end of the bed. Which is the whole reason I chose this room in the first place, as it gives it a cozy holidaylike feel. But this positive side to the DIYing does not in any way take away from the fact that a large-to-enormous dragon (we shall now rename her Felicity the Fat Firebreathing Dragonette) would inhabit said space very comfortably indeed, and this would more than explain the constant supply of booming heat which seems to eminate from the very walls of my room every evening. It would also explain the reason why, as I write, I am pretty much stuck to my seat, why strands of my hair are stuck to my face, and why when I go to sleep later on I will probably fall asleep minus the duvet, causing me to wake up tomorrow morning (as I did this morning) clutching the duvet upsidedown, where obviously my asleep and unconscious mind was not intelligent enough to unravel the mysteries of top and bottom.

All I can say, following this shocking conclusion, is that she had better not burn anything down, and she had better not borrow any of my eyeshadow. I hear lady dragons are gluttons for a bit of sparkle.

Ah, dragons. Such trouble they cause. Tsssk.

Monday, January 14, 2008


In the last three days I think i've drunk more smoothie than is recommendable to drink. Common sense dictates that after this much fruit I should now be running for the toilet every half an hour in intense acid-induced agony. However, I actually feel like I have more energy, I appear to have lost a little weight, and my skin is looking great! So i'm pondering on the possiblity of creating some kind of smoothie diet and getting rich off it quick...I could call it:


And then go on to explain how you can lose weight, get great skin, and gain energy just by drinking smoothies every day. Make up a few healthy fruity smoothie recipes (including of course the obligatory banana, cherry, chocolate icecream, Amaretto and Baileys one for that once-a-month pig out we all need...) include some nice illustrations, get myself booked onto Richard and Judy to get it some good PR, and we're away! I'll show those Innocent pioneers that they aren't the only ones who can make money out of fruit pulp and get away with it...